Hilltop Inn Fish Creek WI Vacation Rentals


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There’s never been a greater need to ‘get away from it all’ than at the present time!

We hope you’ll join us this year at The Hilltop Inn where our plan for dealing with Covid-19 is to make our guests as safe as possible yet with as little inconvenience as possible. To this end we’d like to notify our guests of the following:

Office and Check-In:

  • All our condos are equipped with a keyless entry system. This is convenient for our guests and minimizes staff interaction. Guests will be provided their 4-digit access code in their booking confirmation letter.
  • Our office will be closed. Guests will be provided with a phone number to call should they need assistance. We will also provide guests with a schedule of when staff will be present on the grounds should they need non-emergency services.


Cleaning Procedures and Housekeeping

We’re following all of the Covid-19 safety guidelines as set out by the WEDC. The guidelines can be found in the following links-




We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Kelly Christensen – Manager