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There is one question I am asked over and over again all season long, “What’s it like here in the winter?”, or “Why would anyone want to visit Door County in the winter?”  Well, there are the obvious reasons.  For example, it is easier to book lodging here in Fish Creek and in Door County in general. Our Fish Creek vacation rentals here at the Hilltop Inn fill up fairly quickly for the busy summer season so you have to plan your vacation well in advance. In the winter you can decide on a Wednesday that you need a quick weekend getaway and easily find a room (Unless it is Winter Festival weekend here in Fish Creek). It is also less expensive. Hotels, condos, rental homes, and of course our vacation rental townhomes here all offer special winter rates. There also other reasons to visit Door County in the winter.

Peace and Quiet

Door County slows down…WAY down in the winter. The crowds and traffic you experience in the summer are non-existent in the winter. You may have the beach, or a beautiful hiking trail, or Cave Point all to yourself. It is neat to have your favorite Door County spot all to yourself or to have to share it with just a few other people. My favorite place in the winter is Sunset Park here in Fish Creek. It is such a beautiful place to watch a sunset any time of the year but is especially magical in the winter as you snuggle up on a bench to watch the sun dip below the horizon.


The Arts Scene

The people who live here year round, well, live here year round. Many of them are artists, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs etc. They don’t stop what they do just because it is winter. What that means for the winter visitor is that there is always something going on. Any given weekend you will find an array of plays, concerts, art and music events. Hands-On Arts Studio is open late on Friday nights for adults to come and make something cool. There are events almost every weekend at the Door County Auditorium. Peninsula Art School has a family art day once a month. The list goes on and on.

Fish Creek vacation rentals

Silent Sports

Door County is a hotbed for Silent Sports all year round and the winter is no exception. Door County boasts over 250 miles of snowmobile trails. Our state parks and public lands have hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country ski trails.  Sledding, skating, ice fishing, and fat tire biking are also popular winter sports here. Don’t have the gear? We have that covered too. There are many places to rent equipment so you won’t be left out of the winter fun. You can check out the snow report here to see what condition the trails are in.

Feel Like A Local

During the season it is busy, sometimes crazy busy. It can be hard to weed out the locals from the visitors. In the winter you FEEL like a local. The pace is slower, more laid back. You get to chat with the storekeeper, talk to the artists as they work, grill the guy next to you at the bar for his secret ice fishing spot, quiz everyone on everything from there favorite places to eat to where to get the best Bloody Marys. You can become part of the local scene in a way that just isn’t possible during the season. 

If you can manage to squeeze in a quick winter getaway to Door County, it is an experience that you will not soon forget. You can book lodging at the Hilltop Inn just steps from all that Fish Creek has to offer. At the end of a busy day exploring Fish Creek or the rest of Door County, you can curl up in front of the fireplace in one of our townhomes with a bottle of wine that you bought at one of our fabulous wineries. You can book here.