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Lodging In Door County

Door County has been a popular tourist destination for decades, yet one of the main issues we still encounter here on the Door Peninsula is Door County Lodgingfinding good quality lodging in Door County.

For those who’ve visited Door County, you’ll be well aware of the fact that ours is a relatively small Peninsula, and that we cherish the rural landscapes, pastures, farmland and the area’s many parks and beaches. As such, opportunities for expansion of the availability of lodging in Door County are few and far between. It’s difficult to develop hotels, motels, resorts and other forms of lodging, in downtown areas due to the extensive planning regulations and the prohibitive cost of prime land. Get out of town and you’ll be in Door County’s green belt, where new development and building projects are practically impossible.Door County Lodging

It’s one of the reasons that the County features as such a popular day-trip destination, it’s often easier for people to make the drive up from the Fox Valley area, even if it means driving here a few days in a row!

Door County Lodging Options – Where To Stay.

If you operate a restaurant, retail store or other types of business in Door County, you’ll have heard the question asked many times – “where’s the best place to stay in Door County?”.

From the perspective of an insider, I can tell you that the answer to where is the best Door County lodging, has changed over the years. We were once sought after for our smaller motels, quaint bed and breakfasts and even the many campsites around the area. Nowadays people are looking for an outdoor experience but also for all of the creature comforts associated with home. 

Also, believe it or not, but places like Sturgeon Bay and Fish Creek were once popular ‘party’ destinations for the younger crowd! Teens andvacation condo rentals door county wi young adults would come to the Peninsula for live bands, parties, and to enjoy the local bar scene ’til the early hours. But with the stigma and associated risks of drink-driving, this practice has steadily diminished over recent times. There are still plenty of bars and restaurants serving alcohol, but most tend to close up by 11 pm. In some ways, this has also impacted the lodging scene here in Door County. People are cautious, they like to go out for dinner and drinks but they often prefer to walk to some convenient location from their lodging. So we tend to see the younger people staying closer to the downtown areas in places like Fish Creek, with older folks happy enough to stay off the beaten tracks.

The Types of Vacation Accommodation In Door County

The mix of vacation accommodation types hasn’t really changed that much over the years. We’ve seen the development of larger facilities such as the Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay, and going back farther in time, places fuelled by the Condo and time-share industry such as The Hilltop Inn, Fish Creek.

Hotels and motels remain ever popular in Door County, as do the many bed and breakfast locations scattered around the Door Peninsula. The Internet and websites like Air BnB have opened up opportunities for many people to generate income from their vacation properties by offering them up as vacation rentals, rather than see them sit unoccupied. To support this trend, property management services have thrived in Door County, providing managed care of vacation rentals for their owners, in exchange for a percentage of the booking fee.

But overall, and back to the original point, the number of ‘beds’ hasn’t really increased all that much, at least not at a rate that tracks the increase of visitors to the area.

Overspill Destinations

Towns like Algoma have their own attractions but also serve to take up some slack on busier Door County weekends, such as Pumpkin Patch and 4th July. Though much of the accommodation in Algoma is dated, and not nearly as well kept up as hotels and motels you’ll find farther north, there are a couple of gems, particularly those located overlooking Lake Michigan.

And Finally….

With everything above in mind, what better place for the base of your Door County vacation than The Hilltop Inn, Fish Creek WI.

Door County WI Resort in Fish CreekOk, it’s a shameless plug, and we’re a little biased 🙂 but the first time you visit us you’ll realize that we have very good reasons to crow about the Hilltop Inn. We’ve gone back and forth over the years picking out the most accurate way to categorize our facility. We’re a resort, though we don’t have shops on-site. Our rooms are Vacation Condos, on two levels, and fully equipped with the amenities you would expect to find in a quality Condo vacation rental, so we’re not really a hotel, per se. We do have great outdoor amenities as well as indoor, such as a large pool and outdoor cooking areas for our guests to enjoy. So I guess “A Door County Resort Featuring Fully Equipped Condos” describes us pretty well! But rather than make a fuss over what we are, it’s better to focus on where we are. We’re right in the heart of Door County WI, on the northern tip of the town of Fish Creek. That puts you centrally located for all that there is to do and see in Door County, a short walk from popular bars and restaurants and a hope and a skip from Peninsula State Park.


So come pay us a visit, we’d love to meet you in person and help you with tips for getting the best from your Door County Vacation!



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